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Osgoode’s Annual Constitutional Cases conference was first held in 1997, and marks its fifteenth anniversary in 2012. The conference takes place each year in April on a date close to April 17th, to mark the anniversary of the Constitution’s patriation in 1982 and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The conference and its publication in the Supreme Court Law Review (“SCLR”) provide commentary and analysis of the Supreme Court of Canada’s constitutional jurisprudence for the preceding calendar year. Papers by Canada’s foremost judges, constitutional scholars, and litigation experts address the Supreme Court’s decisions on federalism and constitutional rights, including aboriginal rights, as well as offer broader perspectives on constitutional theory and interpretation. Over the years this conference has been recognized as the leading source of constitutional scholarship in Canada.

The conference papers have been published in a dedicated volume of the Supreme Court Law Review for the last ten years. The first SCLR volume of Annual Constitutional cases was published in 2002, and 2012 also marks the tenth anniversary of this conference publication. Over the years a body of more than 200 articles has been published, and all ten volumes of Constitutional Cases in the SCLR are available on this web page. This archive also includes two additional SCLR volumes: the first arises from a conference titled “The Charter and Criminal Justice: Twenty-Five Years Later and is published here as (2008), 40 S.C.L.R.(2d); the second is an edited collection of papers, titled “Reflections on the Legacy of Justice Bertha Wilson” and published as (2008), 41 S.C.L.R. (2d). Both volumes are initiatives of Osgoode SCLR editors (J Cameron and J Stribopoulos; J Cameron). The website will be updated every year by the chair(s) of Osgoode’s Annual Constitutional Cases conference, six months after the annual SCLR volume of Constitutional Cases is published.

This page is hosted by York Digital Journals, at York University. The SCLR volumes have been reproduced for this web page with the permission and support of LexisNexis Canada Inc., as publisher of the SCLR. The Annual Constitutional Cases conference and YDJ web page is independent from and not affiliated in any way with the Supreme Court of Canada. The web page was developed with the support of the York Centre for Public Policy and Law. Members of Osgoode Hall Law School’s faculty who have been or are currently chairs and editors of Annual Constitutional Cases are Benjamin L. Berger, Jamie Cameron, Sonia Lawrence, Patrick Monahan, Bruce Ryder, and James Stribopoulus.

This web page is still in development. Note that although all 11 volumes of the SCLR’s Constitutional Cases have been published, a very small number of articles were unavailable due to gaps in electronic records and must still be added. In addition, we are unable at this time to include abstracts for all volumes, again due to gaps in electronic records. These gaps are in the process of being addressed.

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New issues uploaded: Volume 67 is now available online

Volume 67 - Constitutional Cases, 201 - is uploaded as of April 2015.  
Posted: 2015-04-01
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