Building a Collection of Iranian Music at the University of Toronto Music Library

Houman Behzadi


This paper describes the process of building a collection of Iranian music at the University of Toronto Music Library. The initiative was a response to the noticeable interest in Iranian studies, and more specifically Iranian music, at the University of Toronto. Following an environmental scan, the author elaborates on the observations that identified the need for this project. The rationale for building the collection was further formed through a field trip to Iran, which provided an overview of the country’s print publication and audiovisual production output. A number of opportunities and challenges encountered in acquiring music materials from this country are discussed and the methods used in the selection and acquisition processes explained. Subsequent to an account of the project’s outcomes, the author outlines the current limitations of the collection and discusses areas for its further development and discoverability.


diversity; music collections; music libraries; Canada; Iran; Persian; area studies; ethnomusicology; Iranian studies; collection development; selection; acquisition; vendors

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